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ZyXEL P660RT2 EE command line configuration (Ethernet)

ZyXEL P660RT2 EE is an old ADSL[2+] router that has been quite common in post-USSR/CIS countries.

This router permits to do some things (i. e. configuration and diagnostics) via command line (by Telnet; the default password is 1234).
E. g., you can set the Ethernet port mode manually.
$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Password: ****
Copyright (c) 1994 - 2010 ZyXEL Communications Corp.
P660RT2> ether driver config
Usage: driver config [0|1=auto|normal] [0|1=10|100] [0|1=HD|FD] <ch-name>
E. g., to set 10 Mbps full-duplex mode:
P660RT2> ether driver config 1 0 1 enet0
Then, maybe you want to reboot the router:
P660RT2> sys reboot
Connection closed by foreign host.
Or you can just exit the CLI instead:
P660RT2> exit
Connection closed by foreign host.
  1. the <Backspace> key doesn't work as it should for the router's CLI, but you can use <←> (left arrow) key instead;
  2. after you enter the Ethernet configuration command, the router may become unresponsive for a couple (or dozen) of seconds;
  3. Ethernet configuration is saved into the non-volatile memory, and persists after reboot;
  4. incorrect configuration (or one incompatible with other network equipment) may result in the router becoming unresponsive, seemingly hung-up and unaccessible via its sole Ethernet port;
  5. you can reset it to the factory settings using the "RESET" button hole at its back;
  6. hence, please back up your current router configuration (e. g. via the router's web interface) before touching the settings.
  1. ZyXEL Prestige 650M-6x ADSL Modem User's Guide
  2. ZyXEL P660RT2 EE manuals

ZyXEL P660RT2 EE manuals

ZyXEL P660RT2 EE is an old ADSL[2+] router that has been quite common in post-USSR/CIS countries.

Available manuals
DescriptionDocument URLInfo URL
Quick start guidehttp://download.from.zyxel.ru/download/84887071-3a11-4da9-97e0-cf5a3aa65770/P660RT2_QSG.pdfhttp://download.from.zyxel.ru/download/84887071-3a11-4da9-97e0-cf5a3aa65770/file_id.diz
User's guidehttp://download.from.zyxel.ru/download/d93a81bc-99b6-47c5-b8c7-09aaa696cf97/p660rt2_ee_ug.pdfhttp://download.from.zyxel.ru/download/d93a81bc-99b6-47c5-b8c7-09aaa696cf97/file_id.diz

  1. the manuals are in Russian language;
  2. file_id.diz files contain the SHA256 hashes of the PDFs (and also some old and new download URLs).



ZyXEL P660RT2 EE firmware versions

ZyXEL P660RT2 EE is an old ADSL[2+] router that has been quite common in post-USSR/CIS countries.

Known FW versions
VersionArchive URLInfo URL

  1. the latest firmware version is 3.40(AXN.3)D0_20100617;
  2. file_id.diz files contain the SHA256 hashes of the ZIP archives (and also some old and new download URLs);
  3. usually, it's recommended to reset the router configuration after the firmware upgrade (you can find the "RESET" button hole at the back of the router).



HOWTO: grab online video stream with FFmpeg

Usually, it's quite easy to save some free online (live) video streams with FFmpeg.

Example: grabbing some HLS stream with MPEG-4 (H.264) video and AAC (or MP3) audio.
$ ffmpeg -i "http://some.streaming.server/favorite_stream.m3u8" -codec copy -f mpegts stream01.ts
(Generally, the output format can be guessed by extension automatically, so we can shorten the command line).
$ ffmpeg -i "http://some.streaming.server/favorite_stream.m3u8" -codec copy stream02.ts
The TS file is usually playable during download.
Usually, you can stop the grabbing operation at any time by pressing the <q> key.
After the stream dumping is finished, you can convert (remux) your video to a more familiar MP4 container format.
$ ffmpeg -i stream01.ts -codec copy stream01.mp4
(Usually, you'd prefer a playback-optimized output file).
$ ffmpeg -i stream02.ts -codec copy -movflags faststart stream02.mp4